8tracks is now portion on Pandora Spacers Beads Sonos San diego, july 11, 2013 8tracks, web radio network curated by people, and then sonos, the leading maker of wireless hifi systems, today announced a partnership that allows sonos customers to stream 8tracks' curated playlists from sonos music management app.Customers have the opportunity to listen to radio style playlists for any mood or occasion, from every genre and land, putting the best music discovery experience from the internet into every deals on pandora charms uk room of the home. In social gathering of the launch, 8tracks and sonos are organising the"House party mix task"A competitive sport to create the ultimate house party mix.Listeners are invited to create their full capacity mix for a house party, tailored to their party area of choice family room, bedroom or patio area.Listeners vote of the top mix, and (more here) winners from each category will obtain a pair of sonos play:3 the cord less music systems. "Through 90% of americans listen to radio each week, and internet radio is steadily assuming the mantle as the dominant form of music expenditure in general, recorded david porter, 8tracks boss. "We're thrilled to partner with sonos to offer 8tracks usually in the home, making it increasingly simple for people to enjoy 8tracks' unique approach to internet radio, 8tracks is different from other popular online music services:Unlike pandora's algorithmic approach or songza's column approach, 8tracks' radio style playlists are curated by a part(Approximately 1%)Of its listeners that make mixes for the love of music and the respect of devoted listeners.Using this method, 8tracks offers to listeners unrivaled selection, less replication, and the best point of music discovery. 8tracks radio increases the best music for any taste, Time and.The network hosts quite 800, 000 playlists, each curated by somebody Cheap Pandora Bracelets that knows and loves music.Audience enjoy deep, relevant decisions, the best point of music discovery and a human touch.





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