Bridge closure sparks fears of city traffic Pandora Charms Sale chaos Bridge closure sparks fears of city traffic chaos Pandora Jewelry Sale The leader of bath and north east somerset council has apologised for the disruption which a three week closure of the city's churchill bridge will result in. The busy bridge which connects the city centre on the south of bath will be shut to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians for mending between next monday, april 16 and can 4. With lower bristol road already a blockage blackspot, and nearby dorchester and manvers street every day clogged, the closure is likely to cause chaos, but the council says it has chosen what it hopes are classified as the least disruptive time to do vital work. Its standard councillor paul crossley(Lib dem, southdown)Told me: "These works are part of the ongoing more information multi million pound programme to sustain, improve and handle the council's highway network. "We apologise for any inconvenience the closure will cause but these works will protect the bridge for centuries to come.Involving time has been chosen to carry out the works as it avoids impacting on the main tourist season and major events being held in the city, The repairs are to the bridge's movement joints and deck basement waterproofing system.Contractors have been asked to work round the clock as far as possible but you might have noise restrictions at night. People and cyclists will be directed to the southgate footbridge around 30 yards away and the council says discussions have been held with bus operators about the knock on effects on their services. Where do subscibers of public, people, road users, large transport, individual Send in remuneration forms claim for loss of earning expenses:Time/petrol, local rate discount.Claim for such while the event is going on:When work is being carried out, no work being carried out?

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