'We i just wanted to play baseball' Former negro league soccer players pedro sierra(M r)And robert scott talk about their experiences playing in a segregated league at a program presented on feb.9 by Monmouth University in West Long Branch in bash of Black History Month.Just within:Sierra discussions with tish derer(T r), Mrs.Rapp, christine sherr and in addition vanessa cardoza, members of the hawks competitive recreational softball team. Chris http://www.10newsblogs.com/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-2012.html kelly baseball players didn always sign big contracts, fly chartered jets and reserve five star hotels. Former negro league pitchers pedro sierra and robert scott each recounted a history of segregation in the sport as they spoke at monmouth university on feb.9 included in the university celebration of Black History Month. Weren't good;On occasion you slept on the bus, sierra said in interviews.You slept during locker room areas, many you slept with three to a room. Myself, it was an event seeing people come to the ballpark nicely dressed, he explained.Didn remember any insults, because all you desired to do is play baseball.We very seldom were called nothing by fans, maybe few racial slurs.Two former pitchers appeared at the school along with negro league historian lawrence hogan, speaking to a crowd that included monmouth students, bettors, coaches and site as well as members of the asbury park little league.After discussing, they signed autographs and sold item, this kind of as pictures, martial artss and basketball cards. Sierra, who put in in cuba, said he had a gain when trouble arose because he pretended not to speak http://www.10newsblogs.com/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-12.html english. He started his career in the Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale negro american league as a 16 year old in 1954 with the indiana clowns. Sierra said that his career started when he promised his mother he become specialist baseball player. I made that advertise to my mom, i was lucky enough as one of the hand chosen young kids who was able to sign a baseball contract and come to the us.To play in the negro leagues, he explained. Sierra played his rookie year with the indiana clowns in 1954 and then signed with the detroit stars in 1955. He used detroit until he was drafted into the army in 1959. When he came home in 1962, he made various stops in the minor leagues and canadian leagues until he was brought up to be the batting practice pitcher with the major league california senators in 1970. Scott invested in macon, ga, and began his career throughout the macon braves of the independent league in 1941. In 1946 he signed while using the new york black yankees, where he enjoyed until 1950. In 1950 scott also played on the jackie robinson all stars barnstorming team gradually retired in 1955 after a stint with the sandersville giants of the georgia state league. The first baseball team featuring african americans got going in the 1870s.Really fun negro league began in 1937. Appearing as part of 1947, jackie robinson made history by becoming the first player to break along with barrier, performing shortstop for the brooklyn dodgers, but it wasn until 1960 in which negro league was disbanded. Scott, who worked as a bricklayer while he was a quality professional baseball player, said that a number black players weren jealous of robinson, however, many were. Had a couple guys jealous because they thought they were see the majors, he explained. Based on scott, most people believed that the negro league satchel paige, a glass pitcher, nicely josh gibson, any conetcher, would break home furniture barrier, but robinson was chosen because he was more educated and was expected to handle pressure of breaking the barrier http://www.10newsblogs.com/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-23.html better, scott known. Sierra said that today players tend to neglect the negro leagues, but he said the of the league should be taught in schools. My estimation, the negro league is the most essential chapter in the history of baseball, stated that.It hadn been for the negro leagues and jackie velupe, you wouldn have seen all what happened with minorities coming into the country to play.Also a percentage branch rickey, the former gm of the brooklyn dodgers, for signing jackie robinson and damaging the color barrier. While he nearly enjoyed the senators, sierra said that he has no regrets about not playing in the most important leagues. Considered a baseball player and i became a baseball player for 20 some odd years, he explained.Thank baseball for every single thing i have today, because every net link i have has[revolved] around the chance i had to play baseball. Grew up idolizing basketball players and boxing figures.Testified that some of his baseball heroes included ted williams, william feller, paige and brown. One issue that has arisen in sports in recent years is that young dark-Colored athletes have gravitated away from baseball toward football and basketball. Sierra said that one reason youths should play baseball is that you can have a longer career if you work hard enough. Thinks they will be michael jordan right away, but they don realize the longevity your event may have in baseball, he was quoted saying. Hogan, who is a teacher at union county college, wrote two books chronicling the negro leagues and said that he often has to explain why he is so intrigued by the negro league.

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